Plant-based Sevyian Kheer: the best anti inflammatory Indian sweet!

I’ve been obsessed with Indian snacks since I came back from Mumbai a few months ago.  They’re so fragrant and really a change from the snacks we’re used to! So I asked an Indian friend who lives in the US which recipes I should start with. She recommended some to me and Sevyian Kheer was one of them.

I adapted it to be anti-inflammatory. I replaced regular milk with coconut milk, vermicelli with rice vermicelli (bye bye gluten) and sugar with honey.

It’s delicious, comforting and ready in 10 minutes! Vata people, this is a perfect grounding recipe for you. It’s delicious for dessert or as a snack, in any case!

This recipe contains only ingredients you can find in supermarkets, spices included! 🙂

Thank you Vaidehi! 


For 2 servings:
100g of rice vermicelli
20 cl coconut milk
2 tablespoons honey
1 handful of raisins
Fennel and/or anise seeds
Cardamom powder


Cook the rice vermicelli in coconut milk with the fennel/anise seeds, raisins and cardamom for about 10 minutes until creamy.
Remove from the heat and add the honey.
Serve warm and enjoy (delicious with fresh fruit!).

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