Creativity is not what you think (a tribute to non creative people)

I am not a creative person

I don’t even count how many times I’ve repeated this sentence to people and to myself anymore. I don’t know how to sing, dance or draw so I didn’t consider myself as being part of the happy (creative) few.

I’ve been writing poems forever but yeah, that doesn’t count. “You didn’t really learn how to do it, you’re keeping it for yourself anyway” was the continuous loop going on in my head. 

Then, I began to do yoga and got in touch with the creativity concept again. Somehow, some people considered that one is getting involved in a creative process when being on the mat. I didn’t see that. So, I forgot about it. 

But because the Universe doesn’t give up so easily when it comes to you understanding things and grow, I stumbled upon a sentence in Dan Brulé’s book the other day. It said: “You are bringing together consciousness and energy, thought and action: this is the essence of creativity.” I can safely say those words turned on a light within me. They paved the way for true revelation.

I am creative. And, more than that, I’m more creative than most people I know.

The work I’m constantly doing on myself to bring consciousness into my daily life, hour after hour, day after day is creativity. I am CREATING a new reality for myself.

When I’m developing my energy management skills, protecting myself from the outside chatter, choosing wisely what I’m watching and listening to, getting up early, resting when I need it… This is creativity. I’m creating a new course of life, one where I’m able to take meaningful action instead of throwing myself into reaction all the time.

But what probably stroked me the most was the reunion of thought and action. When I read those two words, I was thinking: “Of course, this is me!”. Thought and action were never separate in my mind. Maybe not enough since I’m turning every single idea I have into a project!

But I had never thought that this made me a creative person.

And I had never understood how being on the yoga mat in a flow of postures made me creative either. Now I do. When you’re doing yoga, you’re bringing everything together at once: your consciousness, your energy, your thought and your action.

Without consciousness, yoga equals going to the gym.

Without energy, you wouldn’t be able to stand on your feet.

Without the thought, you wouldn’t be able to control your body.

Without action, you would lie in Shavasana the whole time (or not even get on the mat). 

Only when those four are reunited are you able to practice. Only then can you trust the process and rely on the famous say “Practice and all will come”. Because that process is the one of creativity.

 And the most beautiful thing? You don’t need to be a yogi to be creative.

As soon as you establish yourself in a new reality, as soon as you allow yourself to think about what you’re doing as being creative, things will start to shift. You’ll be aware of bringing your consciousness, energy, thought and power of action in everything you do. You will finally pay attention and notice that cooking is creativity, watering the plants is creativity, walking is creativity and most of all, breathing is creativity.

So, if you’re like me, thinking you’re not a creative person, observe yourself in the next days and weeks. Observe how you’re able to bring consciousness, energy, thought and action into what you’re doing. Be grateful for that ability and be absolutely convinced that you’re part of the happy (creative) few.

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